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About Made in Africa Leadership Conference (MLC)

The Made in Africa Leadership Conference is an annual gathering of leaders of private sector, public sector and nonprofit sector organizations in Africa. This includes CEO's, Executive and Non-Executive Directors, and Elected Public Sector Leaders. The continental conference is a unique one as it is organized by African leaders with the following three objectives:

To encourage and foster leadership growth among African leaders

To spur intra-Africa trade and collaboration

To increase productivity and production of goods and services in Africa.

Africa has one of the fastest-growing population and has experienced explosive growth in recent years. This population growth is projected to continue into future years. By 2040, Africa is projected to have 1.1 billion people of working age, more than China and India. By 2040, one in five youth globally will be based on the African continent. This demographic trend affords a great opportunity for economic growth in the continent. Africa’s ability to harness the incredible opportunity presented by a burgeoning youth population depends on the extent to which Africa’s Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders enhance their capacity as Leaders.

2023 MLC Speaker Line-up

About BCA Leadership

BCA Leadership, a pan African Leadership enhancement organization which specializes in executive coaching and peer learning services with operations in seven African Countries is excited to curate the 5th edition of its annual Made in Africa Leadership Conference in Accra, Ghana.

MLC2023, like all previous editions aims to facilitate and deepen the conversation about Africa: the opportunities in business and challenge leadership in Africa. The 2023 event in Ghana promises to be more insightful as we anticipate a larger audience and more thought-provoking discussions.


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International BCA DelegateTicket https://bca-online.mn.co/plans/293200?bundle_token=a8108732c4cdc455802f5f777deb387f&utm_source=manual

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